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(2 Pack) 1000 MG High Content Black Sambucus Elderberry Gummies with Zinc Vitamin C, Echinacea for Immunity Gummies for Improve Immunity for Adults Kids Elderberry Extract Supplements Gummies

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  • ✅[HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS]: Elderberry has been used as a traditional herbal medicine for hundreds of years and has been proven to improve immunity. The Hemyum nutrition expert team combined elderberry and echinacea from the famous production area of North Carolina with zinc, multivitamins, and high-quality pectin to make elderberry gummies with a rich elderberry flavor. The common advantages of the raw materials ensure their powerful efficacy and eating experience.
  • ✅[7-IN-1 IMMUNE SUPPORT BOOSTER]: The Hemyum team research found that more and more customers want to build a more comprehensive immune defense system. Therefore, the Hemyum product development team uses innovative technology to combine black elderberry extract, zinc, pure Echinacea extract, and 100% vitamins A, C, D, E are modulated into delicious fruit gummies. Under the combined action of 7-in-1, it builds a strong immune defense system for the body to ensure overall health.
  • ✅[CHILDREN'S GROWTH PARTNERS]: Hemyum Elderberry Gummy is a suitable gummy for the whole family members throughout the year. It will not only bring immune support to your child but also zinc can affect children’s brains under the action of multiple vitamins. And growth and development play a vital role, don't let your children lose at the starting line.
  • ✅[IMMUNITY GUMMY]: At the moment we encounter unprecedented virus and influenza damage, Hemyum's comprehensive 7-in-1 immunity gummy is protecting the health of the whole family for thousands of families.
  • ✅[EFFECTIVE AND SAFE]: In order to ensure that every gummy is safe and effective, every bottle of elderberry gummy is tested by an authoritative third-party organization. It is vegan plant-based pectin, non-GMO, no soy, low sugar, and will not melt below 80°C (176°F). Every detail of Hemyum is improved to ensure better health for customers.